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How to Submit Music to Morgeez Radio Station

Written by on 30th Jan 2021

Hi there, in this article, I am going to show you how to submit music to Morgeez Radio International for play-listing or for any promotional gimmicks for that matter. Morgeez Radio is here and there will be no-more moaning and groaning by the indie artists over been heard by thousands of fans across the world. The process of how to submit music to Morgeez Radio is one easiest task that any music artist can perform.

What is the Process of  Submitting Music to Morgeez Radio?

The question many ask is “How to Submit Music to Morgeez Radio” Simply visit the Morgeez music submission information page. There, you will learn more about the type of musical genre that we accept. Although we accept as many musical genres, the keyword is “Urban”. Once your musical genre falls within this category, then, the specific genre won’t really matter as we have various programs that accommodate various musical genres.

how to submit music to Morgeez Radio

How to Submit Music to Morgeez Radio

Featured Playlisting

Having explained the above, the next step is to head straight to the station Support Station page. On this page, you will have to choose a minimum donation offer to support the works of the station.

(Although, donation is strictly optional and never a basis for denying you opportunity of been playlisted.) But yet very crucial.

This is support the works we are doing to continue serving you. You can support the Morgeez Radio Station from as little as $7 to get featured playlist in return for your music on multiple rotations for an unlimited duration. Click here for station support information page.

Why Do I have to Support Morgeez Station?

Morgeez Radio is an effort of passionate indie music promoters to promote you as an independent artist. And our works has to continue without shutting down one day due to lack of support from anywhere.

Hence it only makes sense that, as we built this platform and resources to move your music career forward, you can show support for our works so all the technical angles and talents we put in can be maintained as well. That’s just it.

As independent label or artists, you surely need a platform that cares about your music and your career. What you do not want is a station or any music platform for that matter, where you submit your music and they dump it in the dump locker without even listening to it nor providing you any form of feedback or even being interested in your talent. No musician wants that!!!

So After my Donation, What’s next?

Firstly, your optional donation is through PayPal. And it gets cleared immediately. After that, you simply fill out the music submission form with your music details and tracks uploaded.

Once received, we preview and get your music playlisted. All of this within 24hours but not later than 72hours depending on our schedule.

In a nutshell, this is how you submit music to Morgeez Radio for playlisting. If you have any further questions please use the Morgeez Community Center and post your topics of discussion or concern at the Forum. Otherwise, we recommend you register for priority support at the Morgeez Manager Desk.

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