How to Submit Music to a Radio Station for Play-listing

Written by on 27th Apr 2019

The music promotion process without the mention of radio stations as a front-line option in the process of promoting your music as an artist or as an indie record label. Before now, or in the recent past, there little options left in the radio options to submit your music. That was when on the terrestrial radio stations were available. The task or the process of getting your music play-listed and heard by your target fans was not an easy one.

Taking your Music to Radio Stations in 2020 going forward

If there’s a lesson to be learnt from the above example, is that of lack of numerous options of where to submit your music for airplay then. But nowadays, things changed drastically with the advent of technology pioneered by this digital age. Thank God for the internet, google search and the social media. The options available to musician now, are a whole bunch of music promotion channels further made possible by the entry of online radio stations, podcast and many other music streaming platforms that are capable of performing the music promotion just like the radio stations only used to do then.


With due respect and special appreciation for the main stream radio stations, community stations and campus radio that has being holding it down from way back when; now the options has grown even better to include the millions of online radio available to you worldwide.

In addition to the online radio stations, the invention of the podcast means of digital communication even makes it better as it is now one of the dominating force in promoting the music artists. For instance, Voice of the Underground of the Morgeez Podcast Series is solely created to help the indie music artists promote their music through exclusive interviews, freestyle battle, event and merchandise launch etc.

Without cluttering this article with the longest list of music promotion channels that you can use easily and readily available for you as an independent artist; I will advise your take the opportunity very seriously and utilize all options to your advantage.

Do you want your music to be play listed on the Morgeez Radio International? Of course Yes. You probably wanna spread your music to fans around the world? Oh Yes! Most definitely every artist will appreciate one or two loyal fans more…

To submit your music for airplay now, click here  Sometimes help is necessary and help is imminent in our lives. To get special help you promoting your music, click here to reach-out to our music consultants. Please do leave your comments below. Let us know if our article is helpful or any advise? Don’t forget to share with friends and fam on all socials as well. Cheers!

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