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Just Believe

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Current show

Just Believe

9:05 am 12:55 pm


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Just Believe

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Not everyone has the special gift of speaking divinity. The activities of life can over weigh the hearts of humans to the extent of loosing control of self. When the chips are down and in most cases the human beings you may have put your hopes to come to your rescue, often times deserts you.

When your have come to this crossroads, that seem your world has come to an end, then you need healing. And healing, is what Omone has being speaking and bringing to people’s lives sionce she was a teen.

Now you find someone to trust with your burden, you will always be glad your tuned in to “Just Believe” the motivation, inspirational and religiously inspired program created by Omone. Be her guest and your will be uplifted by God’s Grace. Amen.