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Morgeez Radio Happily Welcomes You Home

Written by on 27th Jan 2021

Indie Music Industry Overview

Over the years, the talk about music within the independent music industry has always been about promotion. The process of making the music has never been any kind of issue. Although making quality music has been some challenges but getting the music that can be accepted by the masses or music consumers has always been dealt with one way or the other by the indie artist


As the industry evolves due to technology and fresh artists are on the rise, the main bone of contention has always been the promotional aspect of music. The indie artists are strapped to the arm of the chair when it comes to the promotion of the music they produced. There’s even a way bigger hurdle in music promotion when you think of the massive body of budget that music production requires. But behold! and alas! There’s a seeming ray of light now shining through the tunnel.

Morgeez Radio International - Home of indie artists

Morgeez Radio International – Home

Introducing Morgeez Radio International

Having the opportunity to even introduce the online streaming radio station, Morgeez Radio International (MRI) alone is an honor to behold. It has been a bumpy road of passion, dedication, and zeal to make a difference in the lives of indie artists.

The founder and executive producer of Morgeez Records, Mr. Christopher Odiley has been at the forefront of creating this “other level music industry” which according to him,

should be capable of sustaining itself both creatively and economically hence there has been this urge and drive to ensure Morgeez Radio is up and running.

What Could Music Artists do to Have Respect from Music Promotion Platforms

The question was not whether indie music artists have enough contents to submit for airplay and promotion. The main question became the issue of budget. Not even the other online radio stations had spared the indie artists of high-level budget.

This is the cornerstone of the Morgeez Radio platform. To this effect, Morgeez Radio had taken it as its sole responsibility to promote the music produced by the indie artists of all urban music genres. Where it has to be even a small amount of support contribution on the part of the artists, it will surely appear to be a simple contribution to the platform for it to be sustainable while keeping up with the task of promoting the great music produced by the talented indie artists.

Hence at Morgeez Radio, the artists, I mean every indie artist is capable of promoting his or her music on the platform. You are free to release any amount of music you would want to, in the year, and get it playlisted and promoted at Morgeez Radio.

Looking at Morgeez Radio in Perspective

Morgeez Radio is a fully structured radio station with the capability to broadcast any kind of content. The station has its own lineup of well-structured programs set to pick up and kick off.

The direction of the station is that of a complete station, the only difference is that we are streaming online. And this is a good thing since we are accessible anywhere in the world.

What Musical Genre is the Primary Focus of Morgeez Radio?

In brief, our primary musical love is obviously hip hop and rap music. Our extension as an urban music station now gives us the ample joy of accepting and playlisting all cool urban music genres such as R&B, Pop culture music, soul, urban gospel, and others. See more of our musical genre on the submission information page, click here.

In a nutshell, Morgeez Radio is nowhere to stay. Morgeez radio is a friend of the indie artist and in fact the original home of all indie artists worldwide. So, whether you are just starting off as an artist, or you have been there with your catalog swelling every day, you are welcome HOME.

Don’t forget to also take advantage of Morgeez Magazine.

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