Music Submission Information

Morgeez Radio allows and accepts music submissions from all music artists, artists managers, and indie record labels from all over the world. This Music Submission Information gives you an insight. All submissions are treated as a high priority and playlisting is a 90% chance provided your music is well mixed and mastered as per commercial music production standards.

What kind of Music Genre does Morgeez Radio accept?

Morgeez Radio as a music station is strictly focused on all genre of urban music which includes:

  1. Rap Music:- of all kinds whether it, new school, old school, doesn’t matter. As long as its a rap music with commercial quality production, you will surely be playlisted.
  2. Hip Hop Music:- this genre of music has expanded in recent years to include, Trapps, Mumble Rap, a combination of R&B, and any other type of hip hop music is welcomed at Morgeez Radio
  3. Gospel Music:- If it’s gospel music and urban, hippy, rap, soul, and anything of the world-class gospel message, you are welcome to submit your music.
  4. Pop Music:- Pop music is highly welcome at Morgeez Radio as we have various special programs that accommodate all sets of pop music.
  5. Afro Beats:- Afro-beats is surely the largest African music genre. You would understand why this genre is highly welcomed at Morgeez Radio.
  6. Afro-Pop:- Call it Afro-pop or Afro-soul, it is one of our choice of musical genre. You are welcome to submit your Afro-soul or Afro-pop music
  7. Ama Piano: This is one of the biggest genres in South Africa and Southern Africa in general. As ambassadors of the youth culture, Morgeez Radio International is glad to promote your Ama Piano music.

The above is a summary of a musical genres that Morgeez Radio is glad to playlist and promote. Any other genre that we had forgotten to mention, are as well welcomed as long as you had commercially produced them for radio airplay.

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