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EP. 2 – Can Artists Survive Without Record Labels ?

Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley Notebook
Christopher Odiley Notebook
EP. 2 - Can Artists Survive Without Record Labels ?

Identifying the Roles of Record Labels and Roles of the Artists

I have decided to deal with this topic because of its importance in the music industry. And most importantly, as many of the players involved in the industry are totally divided or split in half because of this topic.

I will like to state categorically that, it all depends which angle you are coming from, i really do not see any big deal with this. I believe this topic should not be even regarded as anything of high importance as both artists and record companies are all human beings reasonable enough to take up any form of leadership roles for the growth of the entire music industry.

What I mean by that is that the notion that one of this group always felt cheated out and treating each other with disdain at certain point in the period of their working relationship, is an understatement. And probably, a misrepresentation of facts in the industry.

From the way the topic is expanding, there seem a lot to cover. So right after the break, we shall have a look at the following;

  1. What is a record label
  2. What or who is an artist

Having a clear, simplified understand of these 2 bodies, will go along way in solving this riddle of ‘can artists survive without record label’. Enjoy listening and Leave your comments below. Remember to Subscribe and follow us on Socials. 

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