Evolution of Chris Brown | True Story of The N0.1 R&B Superstar

Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley Notebook
Christopher Odiley Notebook
Evolution of Chris Brown | True Story of The N0.1 R&B Superstar

Chris Brown, Breezy, CB however you may wanna call him, however you feel comfortable addressing him, should be fine. But one thing for sure, is that, that man, is a legend in the making without a doubt.

You know, when i first had the idea of featuring Chris Brown on the MORGEEZ podcast series, ‘Spot On’, lil’ did i knew the impact this would or might have on society especially, young people in general.


this the evolution of chris brown the n0.1 rp&b super star

The evolution of Chris Brown podcast gave us the opportunity to celebrate a young vibrant, super active living legend. If anyone ever thinks Chris Brown is all about dancing and singing, you may think again as this man, is wholly blessed. Bundled with talent, blossoming career and the will to tackle obstacles when they  rear their ugly heads, the level of success and the hunger to be more, the length of times and years this young man of only 30 years has spent in the music industry and stay as cool, grounded and dedicated as he his, damn, man, no doubt, that Chris, Breezy, CB Brown obviously deserves the shining sparkles of the spotlight… called… ‘Spot On’.

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