EP. 2 – Jay Z The Billionaire – Hear The True Story

Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley Notebook
Christopher Odiley Notebook
EP. 2 - Jay Z The Billionaire - Hear The True Story

The Hip hop music industry has being thrown into a celebration mood worldwide as the news of Jay Z being the first hip hop music industry billionaire quickly spread like wild fire. This confirmation was issued by Forbes Magazine as usual.. The Rap Star and business mogul beats all odds to achieve this high class success and officially join the billionaire’s club.

Jay Z has Proven That He is Worth The Billionaire Status

As Jay Z joins the billionaire boys club, the demeanor of Jay Z remains of that who hasn’t event got started. The level of success that Jay Z enjoys and most of all the respect and admiration of both fans and people all around the world is phenomenal and a true testament to an artist and creative, a business mogul and a family man who is serious about his career and always know how to go about his business.

To this level of success, we at the Morgeez Podcast, Salutes, the honorable Jay Z.

For once, for a very long time, the hip hop story came out as a success story as oppose to the seemingly norm that usually berates the activities of this community.

The hip hop community managed at least, this time to escape the awful news of shootings, pimpings, sentencing, assaults, clubbing violence and all that.

At-least, we all in the hip hop community can sing it loud and louder…”Mama I Made It”.

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