S2 – EP:1 – How to Getting Paid Through Music Licensing

Christopher Odiley 27th May 2020

Christopher Odiley Notebook
Christopher Odiley Notebook
S2 - EP:1 - How to Getting Paid Through Music Licensing

Making the Music that could be profitable through Music licensing

The music producer, composer and the music performing artists have the ability to create or make all sorts of music in multiple genres otherwise know as categories. The ability to create music using your creative intuition and imagination is key to the success of the music you make. Over the years, music production or production music has taken different route, as it evolves like an apocalypse.

Whatever music style; that is; so much admired and perceived as trending music today, or every 5 years or every decade at least, would not be the same as of tomorrow. Hence it is very important to take into consideration, the word “value” in every piece of music you make.

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