EP.5 Up close & personal with Touchline

Christopher Odiley

Morgeez Official Podcast Series
EP.5 Up close & personal with Touchline

Mutli-talented Rapper and Award winning artist, Touchline laid down what it takes to have a thriving music career. Touchline touched on the need for authenticity in the hip hop/ rap music game in South Africa.

In this exclusive interview, Touchline holds nothing back as we chat about, his Award winning EP 5Grand, his childhood, motivation and inspiration. He shared his experience of already winning multiple awards and recognitions across South Africa, why the South African hip hop artist needs to focus on being more original and more.

Then he capped it all up by spitting some dope bars on a freestyle. He showed us why he is being recognize everywhere and more of his aspirations to mark the global pin. Enjoy this lovely interview.

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