Flip It

With Stovaz.

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Monday 8:05 am 11:55 pm
Tuesday 8:05 pm 11:55 pm
Wednesday 8:05 pm 11:55 pm
Thursday 8:05 pm 11:55 pm
Friday 8:05 pm 11:55 pm

Combining every bits of our world

From Africa to Asia, from the North America to the South of America, from Europe to the Middle East, the world never runs dry of the news.

Flip it will be a combination of humor, comedy, events and entertainment reviews around the world. Elements of the program will shine the spotlights on great events of the week. Especially events that scores the highs and the lows as it pertains to the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, because we all live in a world where politics rules, bits and piece of political news will be filtered through alongside great movies reviews.

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