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Let Your Music Be Heard

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Promoting indie artists, is our mission. Voice of The Underground focuses its attention on detail interviews of the underground music artists with the potential to shoot straight to the top.

This is purely a music show that is dedicated to the promotion of the unsigned, independent and young artists.

These group of artists that are always underrated and misunderstood by the entire music industry. We make sure your music is heard, and your voice is heard too.


Voice of The Underground provides a way for the indie artists to have their say and let their voice be heard. The life of the Indie Artist has not being that of bed of roses. While some tend to stray away from their core mission of making to super-stardom in the music industry as artists, others, would hang in there like flies to shit. The scare of finalizing a recording has being the main torture of the indie arts but as the case may have turned nowadays, the scare of getting airplay is even worse so.

To this end, Morgeez Radio International in association with Morgeez Records, brings you a special dedicated program designed to promote the Indie artists and their music.

The Program comes in a well rounded package that includes, in-studio interviews of artists with well recorded, mixed and mastered EP or album. Interviews will then be broadcast live on Morgeez Radio and archived on the Morgeez Podcast for the world to catch up with.

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